Fostering is loving

Rescues are always in need of fosters, all kinds of fosters. Some with children, but mostly we are always searching for pet free and child free fosters. If a dog has come from a UK pound with no history this is what they need. If we have a foreign dog that has never lived in a home this is generally what we need. If they are pups say 4 months old then children are fine to a degree. This depends on the pups temperament and the children's experience with dogs and their general behavior around dogs. When we are in doubt rescues err to the side of caution. Then there are other dogs that are just pure joy with no issues no traumatic back stories, these we treasure, however the ones that are difficult that need our help the most, these we treasure just as much if not more. I have 4 dogs needing special fosters, or homes that would consider foster to adopt as I would like to minimize the amount of moving these boys have.

One is Monty, he needs a foster/adopter that can work with his need to guard, which really being the biggest softy I have ever known, he doesn't want to do, so he needs someone who will show him it's OK to sit back and chill, someone who has his back, we call this buffering. Generally it means allowing a dog to have the space to choose to retreat or to be social (under supervision until happy with new people) The need to have a dog that is great socially with humans is our need, not all dogs want to be social, and that's OK, they don't have to. He is dog friendly and fine around cats. Can you Help? Do you have big breed experience especially with special cases? Get in touch we would love to get Monty out of kennels. Monty comes with lifetime rehabilitation back up support from BSAS (Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary) in Brigport Dorset.

Then there is Brodie, this poor boy has been around the houses. He was adopted however returned after an incident in the home. This boy went to kennels while waiting for rehabilitation space. He bonds well with a handler and is definitely scared of many things, however he is doing really well at BSAS (Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary) in Brigport Dorset. He is learning not to guard his space and learning to trust again. He needs a home which is rural where there is not much traffic, calm and tranquil. And the only pet. Brodie comes with lifetime back up support from BSAS. Brodie is a big lad and needs a confident experienced home/foster. And he is once trusting you a very big softy.

Then there is Roy, what a dog, he has the bounce of life and most loving to his inner circle, however he can guard, and again this needs to be checked in buffering for him, his issue is very similar to Monty however he is more direct. So this lad needs a home that has the confidence to provide a calm safe environment for him where he can be allowed to be in his own space and away from hustle and bustle of life, preferably no children, he can live with other dogs and cats. Ideally a quiet active home (Roy has a big spring in his step and he needs exercise and simulation) Can you see this boy in your life? Please get in touch.

Now we come to Noro, this little boy is gorgeous and has the personality of a little dog. He went to BSAS for reactivity towards other dogs/cats. What we have learned about this little lad it that he has the fight not flight response to fear. And he doesn't like to back down. So we looking for a pet free and child free foster/adopter. He is also an escape artist, so needs a very secure garden (he can climb and is quite accomplished at that!) Do you have the

space for this little lad to call his own? Please get in touch.