Frequently asked questions

How does the adoption process work?

First we ask for a pre adoption form. This must be done prior to meets and greets. If everything is fine and we have not questions we will arrange a Homecheck. In these uncertain times this may be a virtual homecheck. Once the homecheck has come back we will let you know the outcome. If there are no issues to solve then the adoption can go ahead. Current Adoption Fee for Dogs is £430 Current Adoption Fee for Cats is £250

Is there an age limit to adopters/fosters?

Yes we do not adopt/foster out to under 25's (sorry) We also will not home younger dogs to over 70's (sorry), there are so many middle aged dogs looking for homes.

Where can I find information about a Dog/Cat

All information can be accessed via the webite on the photos, there are also links to their albums on Facebook (you do not need a Facebook account to view a Facebook photo album)

Can I view a dog/cat

Yes of course, if they are in foster in the UK. All dogs are available to meet and greets at the fosters once a pre adoption form has been completed and approved. If there are more than one homecheck pending for 1 dog then no this would not be fair to anyone.

Can I adopt directly from the EU?

Yes if we think the dog is able to cope with a domestic environment. We do however, prefer to send dogs to foster first for assesment.

Rescue Back Up, what is it?

All our dogs are homed with rescue back up. What does this mean? Well if there are any issues we will take our dogs/cats back asap. The adopters may never sell dogs/cats on, they are dual chipped to the rescue.

What has changed since Brexit

Since the 31st December 2020 - WHAT HAS CHANGED 1. We are now liable for Import/Export Duties 2. We are also liable for VAT (yes on Rescues!!) 3. We now have to pay a customs agent. 4. We have duplication of health certificates where as before is was on system Called TRACES now there is a laborius process in place. This does not only affect dogs and cats it affects everything. 5.The most devasting change is that we are no longer able to send physical donations back to Romania due to the cost of doing customs declarations the cost is not viable, so we have to raise funds and send money instead.