Terms and Conditions you will agree to as part of the adoption



I, the adopter(s) am over 25 years of age and have never been convicted of any cruelty offence, nor do I/we have any current proceedings pending


I fully accept the terms and conditions contained in this agreement as set out below and understand that my responsibilities include:


Not to sell, abandon or rehome the dog but to contact Paws and Claws Adopt Foster Rescue for advice, if I/we cannot keep the dog. I/we will be responsible for vet costs upon surrendering back to rescue in terms of vaccines and neutering, if not up to date or carried out as agreed within this agreement.


To abide by the rescues rule of not taking the dog out for 2 weeks after arrival.


To take care of the dog and to make adequate provision for its welfare.


To obtain qualified veterinary treatment for the dog if it becomes ill or is injured. To upkeep the vaccinations and worming.


PACAFR will register the chip and you will be required to verify it.


To take all reasonable steps to find the dog should it go missing, and to notify the local police and authorities.


Not to euthanise the dog without prior agreement from Paws and Claws Adopt Foster Rescue, unless in an emergency on medical grounds


To permit Paws and Claws Adopt Foster Rescue or an authorised representative to visit my premises from time to time to be assured that the dog is happily settled.


To allow Paws and Claws Adopt Foster Rescue to repossess the dog if in her opinion the terms of this agreement are not being reasonably adhered to.


To exercise the dog regularly and not to chain or tether them, not to place the dog in a crate/cage, other than for transporting in a car/airplane.


Not to leave the dog without companionship for extended periods.


To abide by all legal requirements relating to dogs.


To keep the rescue update date on the progress of the dog every so often with photos etc.


To ensure my name and address is permanently inscribed on a collar worn by the dog or on a plate/badge attached to it.


As soon as practically possible (6 months for females before their first season) and certainly no longer than three months, to ensure that the dog is spayed/neutered (if necessary and vet invoice required) and under no circumstances to breed from the dog.



I understand that:


Paws and Claws Adopt Foster Rescue accepts no responsibility as to the description, condition or health of the dog and gives no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.


While Paws and Claws Adopt Foster Rescue will pass on as much information as possible regarding the behaviour, habits, and past history of the dog, we do not always have the full history of the dog and therefore are unable to offer any guarantees or warranties regarding behaviour or temperament.


The dog is believed to be in normal health except where specific conditions have been made known to the adopter in writing or stated in the dog's passport.  It is regretted that Paws and Claws Adopt Foster Rescue is unable to accept liability for any expenses of any kind arising from sickness developing subsequently.


In cases where a dog is known to possess a specific condition, the presence of which is notified to the adopters, the responsibility for the cost of future treatment shall be borne by the adopter unless otherwise agreed.


The rescue strongly advises all adopters to arrange appropriate third-party liability and pet insurance.


In adopting and taking possession of the dog, I assume all legal responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the dog to either myself or a third party.


I understand the adoption donation is non-refundable.