The final push For 2017

As we near the end of 2017 (where did time go?). I have committed to getting 10 (possibly 11 if a little older on can joy the last transport) 

These dogs with the exception of 2 are all needing homes they are currently going to foster. 

They all gorgeous in their own way and all special. 

I am immensely proud and grateful for all my fosters who have given their homes and hearts to helping all the pups and older dogs find homes. Fostering is not easy and the longer you have a foster the harder it is to let them go. However we do because we know when they go there is another to take their place. 

So welcome in December to Mara, Maya, Ginger, Ricky, Lola, Honey, Roland coming from Romania. Sara and Nika are coming from Bosnia. And then Tommy who is coming to me from The Azores Rescue, and will be a PACAFR pup. 

With a heavy heart I have no place for Panda however as soon as I can he will come to the UK.