Meet Charlie. He is currently in foster in Kent. Charlie is proving to be a severely wired little man. I have got him on the waiting list in Dorset for rehabilitation as he is very human fear aggressive. He has accepted his foster family and a few people who were there when I dropped him off. However that is it. So the decision to send him to BSAS SOS was made. What I need help with is raising funds to pay for his daily board there. This is £12 per day for 2 months If anyone would like to sponsor a days boarding or any amount is welcome to help me pay for this. My PayPal is please use friends and family option and reference Charlie Please share xx without your support this is going to be very difficult xx I want to give Charlie the best chance he has to rehabilitate and find a forever sofa. Thank you Deana Marie Lowton for you very kind donation and sponsor of 5 days <3 Thank you Sharon for your kind donation for 2 days <3 That is 1 week covered thank you so much ladies <3 Thank you Dee Richmond n and Nade Lang Rutherford for you donation from fundraising £100 8 days covered xx <3 11/09/2017 - £184 raised so far £536 to go