When a dog touches your soul

This week I agreed to foster a little lady that had been in kennels for a while many times over looked. So when someone asked me if we had a suitable dog for an older lady I thought of her she just needed a chance. Now I know and many rescues know adoption straight from kennels is fraught with trouble, so I agreed to a short term foster ( knowing I have another of my own coming in to foster in a couple of weeks)

So Wednesday morning June arrived and my heart nearly broke for her. Friendly but oh so wary. June is an ex breeding bitch who has never lived in a house she stayed outside all day. Come evening I had to carry her in. I slept on the sofa to make sure she was ok. 

3 days on and she is sleeping in a dog bed by choice, I still have to carry her in for the night however during the day she comes in on her own. So June has become Juju bean ❤️ Fostering has given her a chance and I will be sad again when she goes to her forever home however I know I gave her that chance and that makes it alright. Who knows if the potential home comes to anything... she has a chance